Good Things for Big Questions

Split image of album covers for Carnage and Little Oblivions

Heading towards the release of my new single, Trying To Be Free, I’m thinking more than usual about faith and doubt. As the post-pandemic sun starts peeking over the horizon, we’re all asking big questions. How has a year in lockdown changed me? If this is a chance to start over, what do I want to carry with me into ‘life 2.0’ and what could I leave behind? Do I still believe the things I believed a year ago about God, the world around me and myself?

Big questions, indeed.

Here are a few Good Things to help in the asking.

Good Things for New Ways


The world is changing. I know that can feel like a bad thing a lot of the time these days, but some of these changes are good. We are finding new ways to connect and create even while apart – and these new ways won’t disappear when the virus does. Here are a few good things about new ways – from new ways to share folk music to new ways to make music at a distance and an old way to bring about change.

Good Things to Celebrate The Album

We live in an era of singles. One-offs. Momentary attention. Think back to your favourite albums as a teenager. Remember sitting beside the CD player (record player, tape deck) and letting your favourite music overtake you. I remember sitting with Hayden’s Everything I Long For song after song. I remember playing all 28 tracks of my double-disc …

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