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CARM album cover

Good Things to Grow Your Self

Looking for ways to stretch and grow at the start of another year? Try these three. Thing To Listen To: CARM Listening to music in new genres can stretch your sonic muscles quickly, especially when the music is as eclectic as CARM’s recent releases. CARM is the musical moniker of CJ Camerieri, whose horn parts you’ve

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Looking up hopefully to the side.

The Goal(s) Post for 2021

For the past several years I’ve taken time in January to set goals, only to fall short as the year progresses. Still, where I’ve failed I’ve learned, and where I’ve fallen short I’ve moved forward further than had I not had a target in sight. Then again, most of those years did not include a

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Little Mercies single artwork

20 Little Mercies That Saved My 2020

2020 is now history and not many will miss the year that gave us the worst global pandemic in a century. Of course, that’s not the whole story. It helps to take stock and count blessings. You may be surprised, like me, to find just how many there have been even in a “dumpster fire”

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