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Screen capture for City Guesser
Good Things

Good Things For Reemerging

Whether you are diving back into the wide world or tip-toeing towards normalcy, please be kind to yourself and others.

Here are some good things I’ve found in the past weeks to help with reemerging.

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lone evergreen tree on a cloudy day

The Way Trees Dance

I want to tell you something and I’m not sure what to call it. It feels like a poem but I’m fairly sure it isn’t. It’s not a song, either. At least not yet. Let’s call this an account. An account of what the backyard trees showed just now.

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Make Yourself Smaller (NaPoWriMo 17)

Make yourself smaller Small enough to balance on a branchThe whole windblown wisp of your bodyBuoyant on the breezeYour needlepoint eye only holdingA thimble of lightYour little paunch packed with seedsPecked from plastic perchesHung by giants Smaller stillYour body three-seeds-longAnother on your backDropped by dragons from their poplar pillarYour size is no measure of your

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