Good Things For Reemerging

The world is unfolding like a flower. Fragile and beautiful, compelled by the warmth of the sun.

Whether you are diving back into the wide world or tip-toeing towards normalcy, please be kind to yourself and others.

Here are some good things I’ve found in the past weeks to help with reemerging.

Thing To Hear: Music

“Look, it’s not gonna rain again
Winter, winter is over
It’s summer all over the world”

– from Summer All Over

I was struck by these opening lines of Blake Mills summer lullaby as the track appeared on my Discover Weekly playlist recently. “Summer All Over” isn’t exactly a happy track – it is hopeful, but tenuous. Moving forward, but gently in shuffles and whispers. Kind of sounds like how we’re all feeling as we blink in the daylight of a post-plague (?) summer.

All that AND it’s a gorgeous song.

Thing To See: Banana Bruiser

A pandemic makes us all a little weird and sometimes that weirdness is wonderful. Beautiful, even.

Case in point – @banana_bruiser in Instagram.

UK artist Anna Chojnicka began using bruised bananas as her canvas of choice during COVID isolation. These are no simple artworks either – many are incredibly detailed and complex.

From CTVNews’ story on Chojnicka; “Bored and isolated, she helped the time pass by bruising bananas with a fork and soon realized she could create unique drawings on the bruised fruit.”

I really love the creativity that creeps from the cracks of our confinements.

Read the whole story at

Thing To Play: City Guesser

Many of us are not quite ready to cross international borders and still longing for visits to far-off lands. Never fear, a virtual vacation is just a click away. Virtual Vacation has a whole bunch of wonderful ways to experience the world without leaving your house, including their game City Guesser.

It’s a fun concept that can be a little addictive. You first choose a part of the world, and then click “Guess”. You find yourself walking down the street of a random city via a video feed. You start looking for clues. Signage. Landmarks. When you think you have it, you click “start guessing” and click a point on a map to find out if you are right. I am usually NOT right, but it’s still a fun (if a little weird and creepy at times – like – who is holding this camera?) game.

Start guessing your way around the globe!

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