Razor (NoPoWriMo 3)

Facebook reminding me that I’ve used Harry’s Razors since April 3, 2014.


Two of the lyrics I remember most often
Involve razor blades

“I’m cold as a new razor blade”
Mourns Cohen to Marianne

While Anna Tivel conjures
“A razor on a rough cheek”

Razors are precision engineered in German factories
To become metaphors

Cold steel meets warm flesh in
A daily dance of enemies

Five little knives drawn across 
Your most intimate terrain

Careful now – so quiet you can hear the scrape
Over your escalating heartbeat 

Ski the slope of your upper lip
Or – inverted – up your bristling neck

Even with decades of training
One slip leaves you bleeding from a stinging slit 

This fierce vinegar pain
Is worse than a punch to the gut

Still somehow – maybe a week – maybe a month 
The flesh always wins

Fine slicing steel is worn 
To a dull nub by your naked skin

Disposable blades die in the dump but
Your body will be honoured

Your holy living armour 
The skin you slaved to perfect 

Will be transformed 
Against the final blade

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