Paris (NaPoWriMo 2)

Facebook Memory from April 2 2014 about Paris Hilton


We emerge from your
Underground birth canal
Blinking in the light of history
Needing to be slapped
Born again as 
People who have been to Paris

We know nothing
Get lost in your spider web streets 
Distracted by
Living black and white beat poetry
A corner cafe where a woman dressed in black smokes a long thin cigarette 
And another woman

And Paris, I swear you are telling us jokes 
The smoking women
The baguette businessmen
The Moulin Rouge Starbucks
Salvador Dali
The claustrophobic rabbit bar, hot and 
Thick with beauty and 
Nothing to drink but syrup-sweet alcohol and sweeter music in
A language we don’t know 
And how could we not fall in love all over again?

And we do fall in love

Somehow, and you know I didn’t expect this
Your Tower beats it all
Silent witness to the bourgeois theatre 
More than the sum of her parts
Steel trusses and old magic 
Manifest poetry who holds me in her ribs
Lets me hear her breathing and see the world through her eyes
All curves and climax 

We bring champagne and biscuits in our backpacks 
Even searched for little plastic flutes 
We are proud of our ingenuity 
Until men grow from the shadows 
Almost invisible until they present their sparkling bottles of bubbly 
for sale complete with glasses
I suppose what else could anyone want
But to raise a glass?

‘Now just watch this,’ you whisper
And Eiffel starts sparkling 
A million twinkling lights do the can-can 
And our eyes alight with champagne choreography 
And everything is effervescent 
And we forget to breathe
And we get maybe ten moments like this over a lifetime 
And we know it so 
We do not move
Holding hands
Hoping beyond hope 
Some day when 
The world is ugly 

We will remember you

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