Song Story 5 – Trying To Be Free by Von Bieker

On this fifth episode of Song Stories, I share the story of one of my own songs – Trying To Be Free – with a little help from my friends. Mostly laughter from my friends. This song was born in the wake of a high-desert bender and left me face to face with religious shame and the desire for deep spiritual connection, without all of the baggage. You’ll meet my friends, poet Tania Runyan and China Kent of the band Alright Alright. Then, you’ll hear the song in full.

This story was recorded during a live-streamed event in March of 2021 before I knew how to actually record a live-streamed event without annoying echo, but I promise you the echo is a small price to pay for China and Tania’s laughter throughout.

You can find my debut album, where Trying To Be Free appears, right here.

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