Making Time For Music Makers

The following is an excerpt from a guest post I wrote for my friend Jordan Majeau’s hopeful and inspiring blog.

It’s been a rough couple of years for music makers.

We used to invest our savings to make our songs sound good enough burn or etch forever onto CDs or records. Thousands upon thousands of dollars. We would sell those pieces of plastic in hopes of breaking even for the chance to do it all again.

We don’t sell many CDs anymore. Records are an expensive niche and a hard cost to recoup. Streaming brings my music to hundreds of new ears a month – for virtually no money.

So we took to the road and made our money playing shows. The same fans who paid pennies for our life’s work paid much more to see us perform our songs live and take a T-shirt home at the end of the night. This might be how we make it.

The pandemic put an end to all that – at least for a time.

We picked up other work. We took freelance gigs and server shifts and went back to the steady jobs we used to have.

We tried to boost our social media accounts or livestream for free every day or land our songs on a hit TV show for that big windfall.

All of this takes time, of course. And time is what we need the most.

So why do we keep making music? Why bother with it at all?

Because music is magic, of course. You know this.

You have heard a song for the first time and heard your self in that song and heard your story told back to you in a way you could never articulate. You have sung along and felt a part of you come alive and felt time stand still as electric connection unified strangers.

Music does all of this and more.

And somebody has to make it and – like it or not – I am one of those somebodies. I have tried to not be, but that didn’t work out too well.

The music is in me and I have to get it out. I can’t explain it any better than that.

But there is something you can do for me and my fellow music makers …

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