I want to touch a stranger (NaPoWriMo 13)

I want to touch a stranger

Maybe touch is too strong a word
Too intentional, certainly
What I want is a brush
A graze
The accidental swish of
Sleeve against sleeve
Drawn into the oppressive orbit of floral perfume
Or even unwashed t shirt aura
All of that awful throng
I am hungry for it

The standing room only concert
Pressed so tight into the meat of
The tall mans back
Arms up in defence
By the encore I don’t know whose sweat it is
Even that

This distance is inhumane
I can’t trace your smile
We are only fabric and fear and our little eyes
Bearing all burden of connection
A yearlong Halloween

When all of this is over I will hug my friends
But soon after you’ll find me lining up
For doesn’t-matter-what
Cueing to cue
Too many bodies in too little space
Sharing air and apologies for accidentally touching
Pressed into my true form by you

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