Arse Technica (NaPoWriMo 11)

9 years ago I posted this.

Arse Technica

I have failed to write a poem about technology
And am about to fail again

The heart is like a USB cable
You burned your secrets onto the floppy disk of summer
Our family is a box of tangled cables
Maybe, but I’d rather a nest

Light emitting diodes?
Heat-sink fans?
Dual-displays or
Hard drives that spin at 7200 revolutions per minute?

The words lie flat
Degrade into 1s and 0s
The binary refuge of
Men without imagination

Off or on
Charged or dead
Shout or silence
One or zero

Give me the grey world
Of half light and rotted leaves
The ashen breasts of chickadees
Scavenging my dormant trees

And see, already the rhymes break through
Nature sings, baby!
She belts

I write to be surprised
Into surrender until
I am shown a piece of my own beating heart
And asked if I am brave enough for

There is no surprise in these
Screens of sedation
Black holes whose only pull
Is Here and Now
I want to be fucking astonished!

I can wait

Slow walks
Quiet woods
The graceful glide of jet black crows against
The silvering sky riven by power lines
The chittering jitter of the squirrel across the garage roof
The ritual roll and wriggle of my dog’s back in the spring grass
Paws up
Exposed and smiling

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