I know! I know!

But this really happened

I posed for a photo 20 years ago and

That photo joined a host of other photos

On some website and

Some designer in Thailand

Saw me smiling or saw my long hair or

Was impressed by my soul patch and thought

This fellow should be on the glossy cover of a book

And that book was called Becoming a Master Communicator

And 15 years ago I was teaching a course on communication

And a student who was in Thailand

In a bookstore

Spotted my face on the cover of a book

Recognized my face

Took a picture of my face and sent it to me

And what are the odds on something like that?

The picture

The website

The designer

The book

The bookstore

The student

The trip

Among billions of people and trillions of books

A connection


And this does not matter but it does give me hope

To know ridiculous things happen everyday

Are happening right now

Could happen to you

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