I Remember Easter In The Snow (NaPoWriMo 5)

I Remember Easter In The Snow

The filthy crust of spring across the yard
Crystalline crunch against the beer bottle stucco

Everything in shades of mottled brown except
Candy coloured eggs tucked in secret spaces

When you were small as a jackrabbit
We could “hide” an egg atop the barren flower bed

Later, pink peeking from the eye level dryer vent
Lime green nested in the old tree’s gaping knothole

Even then we’d shout hot or cold and laugh
As you fumbled blind and ignorant of what we knew

With every year comes a new level of difficulty
A higher place, a deeper place, a place just out of bounds

The puddled alleyway
The garage eaves

The deep window wells
Implanted in the neighbour’s hedges

Tucked under a pile of sleds
And do not forget the egg in the exhaust pipe of grandpa’s van

We’d make you get your socks wet
Standing in the soggy melt to reach the branches

We would laugh to see your face scrunch with mystery
We were so good at hiding things from you

Today the sun shines brighter than I ever remember on Easter
Laying all the hidden things bare

I don’t think I can climb high enough to fool you anymore
Last night you told me you never did believe in the tooth fairy

Are we past the age of mysteries?
What else has melted away?

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