Maddie Storvold is the sort of performer who steps up to a mic and has the whole bar hushed by the end of verse one. She doesn’t command your attention – she earns it by channeling some stream spirit of ancient song .

Storvold’s earnest, earthy voice lilts along lyrics that are small and specific while stretching out to embrace any listening. Hers are little songs that feel a part of something bigger. Art that tells the truth.

Maybe that’s why she’s graced many folk fest stages. It’s likely why she’ll be featured on CTV’s The Launch this spring.

Storvold was born here, grew up in Dubai, and returned to Edmonton in 2016. Her second album was released under the ‘stars’ of the Telus World of Science star theatre. I so wish I could have been there, but I, like you, will just have to get by on the record itself.

Maddie Storvold’s latest release is called Freedom, Books, Flowers & the Moon and you can hear it on Spotify here and support this artist on the verge of great small things by buying a copy at

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