My latest track is waiting for you under the tree and you can unwrap it today!

I’ve teamed up with Lora Jol to bring you a stripped-down version of that heartbreak-heavy Christmas classic with a beat you can dance to … Last Christmas.

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WHAM! released this George-Michael-penned tune in 1984. I was much too young to know about the complications of broken relationships come holiday time. Only a missing Santa gift would have hurt me back then.

Now I’m older and hopefully wiser. I’ve certainly felt heartbreak and loss. When you strip away the bubblegum pop of WHAM!’s hit, those are the feelings that surface. That’s what we tried to capture in this version.

I’d love for you have a listen, and if you like what you hear, save it and share it.

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Lora Jol and I are hoping that come this Christmas morning we get the gift of some impressive streaming numbers on our version of LAST CHRISTMAS and so appreciate your help!

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