At the end

of a long good day filled  

with family and food  

screeching kids and barking dogs  

and endless pots of coffee  

making conversation from the full caf morning into decaf evening

where the leftovers are grazed and then divided

Searching for common threads and never straying far from Netflix cues

into the no mans land of

politics or life and death or love a and loss or even worse


Even on this Holy Saturday

Jesus name is stifled like a curse word

until the anti-curse word slips through lips that bless the food

we take and eat

we drink non alcoholic sparkling wine


The kids are now in bed and I am now parked

outside the liquor store in darkness

lit by the light of the words I type

Tracing the circle of the day

Shrinking always smaller down from extended family to kids and dog to wife and I

a circle small enough to fit  

inside a tomb


But this is not what I’ve been thinking

I have not been thinking much at all

on this of all days

on the eve of Resurrection

I’m just here to buy some wine  

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