Ferris Bueller’s Vest

Sometimes I get to do some fantastically-fun side projects. Many of those projects involve Frank Zotter – the man behind the curtain at the Avenue Drive In events. There’s another Drive In coming up, and I got to make the poster.  It incorporated a drawing of Ferris Bueller’s wild vest. Here, my friends, is that …

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The Milk Truck Back to School

We must all find a way to get our kids to class on time (This essay was written for the Rat Creek Press and will appear in the September 2014 issue. Reposted here with permission. Image from http://www.freeimages.com/). Come September, kids will be driven, walked and bussed back to school. I was delivered by a …

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Studio Time

Tomorrow I head into the studio with Tim LaRiviere to lay down some guitar and vocals for two upcoming Bridge Songs tracks – Dear City and City of Champions.  I’m looking forward to pushing myself again creatively, and the accountability a project like this brings to my creative process.  Projects = creativity.

Remember: Working on a New Song

I signed up for The Grow Your Art Challenge from The Bleeding Heart Art Space. Which makes sense, because I started it. But then I had to make the work. And it got hard. But this week I had a breakthrough. Here are the results – headway on a new song – Remember.

Tiny Gold Squares: A Post from 2011

This post was originally written in 2011. As I face new projects and challenges today, it’s good to remember where I’ve been. Tiny Gold Squares, Mission Accomplished I am pleased to report that my quixotic home renovation project, the gold wall, is finished. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, I set out …

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I Want to Grow My Art

I am between two walls, and the walls are closing in. Slowly, but surely, the space between shrinks. One wall is the forward momentum of the new year. Resolutions. Plans. Goals and Dreams. The other wall is frustration and stagnation. The inability to step forward into the great unknown  into a glorious and new Knowing. …

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