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Day 6:
Would Not Trade

This is the about the time one might get homesick.

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Take my hand
Hold it in your warm hand
And I’ll hold onto you
As the winter comes
This is not
Exactly what we had planned
But time moves slowly love
And we’re still here where we’re from

And we’re still here where we’re from

Sweeping pine
Needles from the wood floor
Come January
It’s the worst time of the year
Oh, we got towels stuffed
Underneath the front door
To keep the cold out
For me and you and Jack and Lu in here

I would not trade
I would not trade

We could be
Out there in some beach house
The kids come running in
With handfuls full of sand
Or maybe not
Maybe we are travellers
We got no family yet
We got all of the time in the world

With our backpacks worn right through
Baby, me and you
Could have wound up somewhere better
Than this old place
She was built in ‘55
But we’re keeping her alive
Through a decade’s worth of winters
While we’re growing strong as timbers

Would not trade
I would not trade

It’s easy to say


When you are away from home, what do you miss the most?
Can you list 5 things?

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Points of Interest

Extra versions, music videos, behind the scenes and more – every stop has its hidden gems.

Live Performance Video

This live performance was filmed by the great crew at Hey You Studio here in Edmonton in the fall of 2020.


Original Version

A more organic version from my EP Where The Love Comes Easy

Where The Love Comes Easy - Cover Art
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It’s not time to go home just yet. We’ve got an early start tomorrow – looping back to New Mexico to visit an artist with story that touched my heart. 

Your tour guide,
Von Bieker