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Day 2:

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Song Story


And if I knew your name
I’d probably forget
Every other word
A mind can only hold
So much beauty inside
At least that’s what I’ve heard
And I don’t want to find it out the hard way by myself 
I’ll just let someone else
You left with someone else A moment open, closed
You vanished like a ghost
I’m haunted

If I could play the game
I’d probably protect
My heart from every wound
I almost caught your name
It was written on your cup
But I was looking up
I don’t want to admit it but I know I stared too long
Your eyes were singing songs
I tried to sing along
But I forgot the tune
It echoes like a ghost
I’m haunted

Well I’ve been coming here
For just about a year
6:30 on the clock
Watching over the spot
Right where you last touched down
But you don’t come around

No you are not around anymore

And if I knew your name
I’d probably forget
Every other word


Has there been a moment of decision in your life when things could have gone another direction had you made a different choice?

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Cover Photo

Cover photo for the Haunted single captures the Vancouver seawall sculpture 217.5 Arc x 13 – a remnant of the Vancouver Biennale by French artist Bernar Venet

Track by Track

Learn about all the different sounds that make up Haunted – from backwards piano drones to a piano flirting dangerously with being out of tune. 

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Points of Interest

Extra versions, music videos, behind the scenes and more – every stop has its hidden gems.

Music Video

Original 2016 Version

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Live Looping Performance


Thanks for being a part of these travels. May you be haunted by only the fondest of memories until we meet again tomorrow 🙂

Your tour guide,
Von Bieker