Yard Show - Long For This World Tour

Celebrate the release of Long For This World in your own backyard with this intimate 90 minute show that comes to YOU!
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Live music lives on this summer and fall with a private show in your own yard (or park, garden, field, street corner ...)

Your booking fee holds your spot and I will be in touch ASAP to confirm your date and time.

Your guests are asked to tip, or if you prefer, to pre-purchase a spot from you for the show at a suggested donation of $20. If you'd prefer to give this show as a gift, we will consider this a private booking and additional payment will be arranged.

Details & Common Questions

What does my payment cover?

This is a booking reservation fee - basically a hold on your date. Your booking is not confirmed until I respond via email to confirm the date you want is available. If it isn't, and we can't find a suitable alternative, I'll refund your full booking fee.

After the show, your booking fee will be deducted from the minimum performance fee (see costs below)

What do I need to host a show?

All you really need is a power source and an outdoor space that can accommodate guests in compliance with current social distancing and health regulations in your area. For numbers, I'd recommend you can host at least 10 people. As cohorts/families can be seated together this requires less space than you might think. Asking people to bring their own chairs may help you as well. Please note that smaller numbers may mean fewer donations and you may be asked to make up the difference up to the minimum charge for the evening (see below).

Power requirements are basic. Simply provide a 3-prong outlet and I will provide all other needed equipment.

What if ______ because of COVID?

This is an unpredictable time. As of April 22, 2021, outdoor gatherings in Alberta are limited to just 10 people, which would mean a yard concert could have just 9 guests. Music performance activities are also not allowed currently. HOWEVER, the government of Alberta has indicated that these restrictions should lessen in the coming months and I expect these shows to be possible this summer as they were last summer, in a time without vaccines. I am confident that bookings beginning at the end of June will be possible in Alberta for the group size a yard concert accommodates.


I won't keep your deposit and I won't ask questions. If you book now but have to cancel later due to COVID restrictions you will get a full refund of your booking fee. I've cancelled too many holidays myself to add any booking anxiety for you!

If you have to cancel your show because someone in your party has to isolate due to COVID, I'll try and work out an alternate date with you first. If we can't do that, you will also get a full refund.

What if I don't get enough guests or donations? How much does a private booking cost?

As I mentioned above, current AHS health measures limit outdoor gatherings to 10. I expect this to change by the time I've allowed bookings (June 25). Last summer we were able to safely host yard shows with dozens of guests and I expect the same this summer and fall.

While my rates are very reasonable, I do ask for a minimum commitment at these shows of your booking fee PLUS $200 (payable within a week after the performance). For a local (Edmonton and area ) show booked early, this would be a total fee of $300.

Booking your own show might not cost you anything! If you take donations from your guests, you would need only 15 guests at $20 per guest to cover this cost. You can decide to deduct your booking fee from the tips and give me the difference or simply add them to the booking fee already paid. Some guests choose to give more than $20 and I have rarely had a show that pays less than the minimum. People are hungry for live music and generous to support it!

If money is a genuine concern, I am always open to negotiation for special situations so don't hesitate to send your questions to or call me at 780-655-0126.

Please note this fee structure only applies to these yard shows, and not to private bookings for weddings, graduations, etc. Those can be booked but at a different rate.

When do you book these shows?

Most of these shows happen in the early evening (6 or 7 start time) and last between 90 minutes and 2 hours, depending on breaks, chat time after, etc. Especially nearer the fall, evenings can get cool enough to be uncomfortable outdoors after 8 or 9.

I am open to daytime shows, travel time permitting. I do not have blackout days except for reserved bookings and family holidays (first week and a half of July). Bookings are generally available from June 25 to September 30, 2021.

How much advance notice do you need?

I recommend at least 2 weeks advance booking so that you have time to spread the word to friends, family and neighbours. I may be able to pull off a "can you play my backyard birthday tomorrow??" but I can't guarantee it.

What if I need to cancel later?

I will refund your booking fee in full up to 2 weeks before your event. I can give a 50% refund up to one week before, but I do not offer refunds for any cancellation within the week of the event, since I may have passed on other shows to save your booking.

Will I get help advertising the show?

YES! I will provide you with a printable post and a social media graphic that you can share to promote your show. I'm also happy to give your show a shout-out to my own fans if it is open to the public.

What is the schedule and 'vibe' for this evening?

I will play two 40 minute sets with a break in the middle and time for socializing afterwards.

My setlist will include the entire Long For This World album (out June 25) and other originals and cover songs. I'm happy to take requests in advance!

These evenings are casual and fun. I pride myself on positive, hopeful energy with a good dose of humour and storytelling. My songs are often introspective and people have told me on more than one occasion "I didn't know how much I needed that."

Do I get any perks for hosting?

YES! You will get a collection of fun Von Bieker stickers and a physical copy of my album Long For This World on the night of the show, as well as a digital download of the album when you book (once it is released on June 25).

I still have a question ...

All good - email me at or call 780-655-0126. Let's chat.

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