Long For This World - CD

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Von Bieker's debut album on CD. Your order comes with a digital download in high quality WAV and MP3 formats.


1. Places We Can't Live - 4:18
2. Haunted - 3:10
3. Trying To Be Free - 4:28
4. Coney Island - 5:24
5. Santa Fe - 3:54
6. Would Not Trade - 4:31
7. Artist's Life - 4:56
8. If I Could Have - 3:29
9. Alberta Hospital - 4:46
10. Wherever You Are - 5:14

About The Album

On his debut album, Long For This World, Von Bieker employs vivid storytelling and atmospheric folk arrangements to take us on a 10-track journey to the places that have marked his life.

Tracks like Santa Fe, Coney Island and Places We Can't Live celebrate locales like the high desert, a Vancouver Gastown rooftop and the Coney Island Sideshow by the Seashore. Alberta Hospital draws on Von Bieker's own experiences with mental illness, faith healing and doubt. The album lands in a place of bewildered surrender on the final track, Wherever You Are.

This debut was self-recorded and mixed almost entirely at home in Edmonton by Von Bieker during the pandemic.


Written, performed, and recorded by Dave Von Bieker in Edmonton, except;

Backing vocals – China Kent, Seth Kent, Tania Runyan, Kristin Tennant, Todd Truffin (Tr. 3)
Drums – Brendan Lyons (Tr. 3, 5)
Trombone – Linda Reinholdt (Tr. 1) |
Electric guitar – Kyle Mosiuk (Tr. 1)
Keys by Brennan Cameron (Tr. 3)
Mandolin by Tania Runyan (Tr. 3)
Pedal steel by Smokey Fennell (Tr. 5, 8)
Mastered by Philip Shaw Bova, Ottawa, Ontario
Published by Small Enough Records in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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