Long Miracle

I wrote Long Miracle the day my good friend Julie Rohr died from terminal cancer. When she was diagnosed, Julie was given six months to live. She traded that in for six more years

It’s a powerful testament to Julie’s boundless faith, hope and love that even in her death, her vibrant life continues to impact people around the world – including some pretty famous people.

I offer this song in hope it helps you process loss and grief as it has helped me. All I ask is that you show an extra-ordinary kindness to someone today in Julie’s memory. 

The album artwork is a painting by Julie’s sister Marcie Rohr called The Gift of Life. You can find more of her beautiful work here.

Before Julie passed she wrote something to be shared on social media after she was gone (because of coarse she did).  She quoted the poem “Epitaph” by Merrit Malloy that ends with these lines; 

“Love doesn’t die, people do. 
So, when all that’s left of me is love,
Give me away.”

And that is how the long miracle continues.


It’s been a long, long, long miracle
Its holy grip on you
There will come a day for letting go
Or at least for trying to

It’s hard to watch you withering
Like a flower in the fall
Early frost has got me shivering
Or is it the weight of it all

Songs sung won’t bring you back
Fall silent as a prayer
Your shield is starting now to crack
So far beyond repair

How do I hold on to all this brokenness
All these jagged edges
I look to your eyes to see the hope in this
Some sacred perspective

I can see the clouds are gathering
Not of darkness but of love
Is this your final offering
To rain down from above

I start to feel the salt and heat
As I let the tears roll down my cheeks
So grateful that we got to meet
And that we will meet again

Long, long, long miracles
Are sewn into the earth
You could see them everywhere
Even in your own return

All that you have left us here is love
Help me trust that love is gonna be enough


Von Bieker – writing, performing, recording, mixing

Brad Smith – mastering

Marcie Rohr – original artwork “Gift Of Life” featured on the cover. Discover more of Marcie’s work at www.marcierohr.com

Streaming October 16