I Remember Easter In The Snow (NaPoWriMo 5)


I Remember Easter In The Snow The filthy crust of spring across the yardCrystalline crunch against the beer bottle stucco Everything in shades of mottled brown exceptCandy coloured eggs tucked in secret spaces When you were small as a jackrabbitWe could “hide” an egg atop the barren flower bed Later, pink peeking from the eye … Read more

How To Tie a Bow Tie (NaPoWriMo 4)


How To Tie a Bow Tie If you have never tied a bow tie you will struggle  Watching video after video on Youtube trying     To learn the mesmerizing sleight of hand       Of the magicians who wear bow ties         Hands flying like a loom’s shuttle          Back … Read more

Razor (NoPoWriMo 3)


Razor Two of the lyrics I remember most oftenInvolve razor blades “I’m cold as a new razor blade”Mourns Cohen to Marianne While Anna Tivel conjures“A razor on a rough cheek” Razors are precision engineered in German factoriesTo become metaphors Cold steel meets warm flesh inA daily dance of enemies Five little knives drawn across Your most … Read more

Paris (NaPoWriMo 2)


Paris We emerge from yourUnderground birth canalBlinking in the light of historyNeeding to be slappedBorn again as People who have been to Paris We know nothingGet lost in your spider web streets Distracted byLiving black and white beat poetryA corner cafe where a woman dressed in black smokes a long thin cigarette And another woman And Paris, I … Read more

April Fools (NaPoWriMo 1)


Add April 1 to the list of Covid casualties

I want to be fooled
To be surprised into heaving laughter
But nothing is surprising anymore

Good Things To Be Good To Others

Good Things, Inspiration

“Please know you deserve to be loved” From Trying To Be Free Words have power. When my self-doubt has me stuck as a ship across the Suez Canal, the words of a friend – even the encouragement of a stranger – can free me. In the days since my new single came out I’ve received a lot … Read more

Good Things for Big Questions

Good Things

Heading towards the release of my new single, Trying To Be Free, I’m thinking more than usual about faith and doubt. As the post-pandemic sun starts peeking over the horizon, we’re all asking big questions. How has a year in lockdown changed me? If this is a chance to start over, what do I want to carry with me into ‘life 2.0’ and what could I leave behind? Do I still believe the things I believed a year ago about God, the world around me and myself?

Big questions, indeed.

Here are a few Good Things to help in the asking.