The Way Trees Dance

Inspiration, Poetry, Reflections

I want to tell you something and I’m not sure what to call it. It feels like a poem but I’m fairly sure it isn’t. It’s not a song, either. At least not yet. Let’s call this an account. An account of what the backyard trees showed just now.

Make Yourself Smaller (NaPoWriMo 17)


Make yourself smaller Small enough to balance on a branchThe whole windblown wisp of your bodyBuoyant on the breezeYour needlepoint eye only holdingA thimble of lightYour little paunch packed with seedsPecked from plastic perchesHung by giants Smaller stillYour body three-seeds-longAnother on your backDropped by dragons from their poplar pillarYour size is no measure of your … Read more

Runner (NaPoWriMo 16)


Runner The most impossible stepIs step oneFollowed closely by two and threeAnd whichever steps pound earthAt the two-thirds markOr before your round the final bend In between you are sailingBreeze-cooled cheeksWet with winningPaper cups drained and crumpledThe pursuit of the woman just aheadUntil you surge and she is is beside, BehindForgotten There are instants you … Read more

Hustle (NaPoWriMo 15)


Hustle (A found poem culled from this sales page for The Hustle Manifesto – You want to be your own boss but don’t I’ve been in your shoes Rolling and feeling stuck I wanted to create something I could call Control Pour my heart and soul into the Ground I was willing to hustle … Read more

Minor Chords (NaPoWriMo 14)


Minor Chords I remember your warning About minor chords The emotional lift Employed to Manipulate Potent as A rifle You were not wrong A key A lance A headlock A weighted blanket A weightless horse Winged and soaring Above the silent sea of tears

I want to touch a stranger (NaPoWriMo 13)


I want to touch a stranger Maybe touch is too strong a wordToo intentional, certainlyWhat I want is a brushA grazeThe accidental swish ofSleeve against sleeveDrawn into the oppressive orbit of floral perfumeOr even unwashed t shirt auraAll of that awful throngI am hungry for it The standing room only concertPressed so tight into the … Read more

10 Candles (NaPoWriMo 10)


10 Candles 1Behind a flaming coconut cakeCrowned in rainbow candles Your eyes are fixed on her 2This green sprout of a girl Barely broken through the crustOf our former earth 3We thought we were gardenersAdmired our first attemptThat loud laughing pansy in the yard 4What kind of plant grows feather-softAround an iron core?Wears her bruised leaves as … Read more

Wonderful Ed Lives On (NaPoWriMo 9)


Wonderful Ed Lives On Let’s face facts EdI may never see you againYou are nearing 90 now and My excuse for visiting your piece of heavenHas evaporated like spilled beer on a Santa Fe porchNot to mention this pandemic(I’d love to hear your thoughts) Do you know, Ed, I search for you now and thenJust did … Read more