Make Yourself Smaller (NaPoWriMo 17)

Make yourself smaller

Small enough to balance on a branch
The whole windblown wisp of your body
Buoyant on the breeze
Your needlepoint eye only holding
A thimble of light
Your little paunch packed with seeds
Pecked from plastic perches
Hung by giants

Smaller still
Your body three-seeds-long
Another on your back
Dropped by dragons from their poplar pillar
Your size is no measure of your strength
You self-talk, dragging dinner to your
Pin-prick portico
Somewhere in the universe of Lawn

Shrink once more
Lose every feature until you are
The bouncing proton
A one-track jungle gym
The tiny never tire
Moving now and always
And all ways

But still

You can go lower

Below the bottom

Inside the insides

Toward the centre of
The centre of all things

Until you are small enough to never be revealed

Until you are the soul’s great secret

Impossible protagonist of every story ever told

Finally you are the perfect size

Lessened down to


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