I Am Home


As the quilt of Alberta comes into view 

I’m thinking about them 

and I’m thinking about you

And the ways I could change and 

become someone new


While the wings of the plane tilt for landing


I already miss it, the sagebrush, the heat

The loud breathless laughter

The ache in my feet

The splintering benches 

The sheltering pines

The late nights, the mornings spent waiting in line

The tables of strangers becoming new friends

The starting all over, the way we all bend

To the song of the holy, the high elevation

The fade of the city, the soft celebration

Of voices in unison circling the floor

voices in unison asking for more

Voices in unison



I feel my ears pop

The pressure is building

There’s a fog in the distance 

It’s cold in the cabin 

The sunset looks paler

I’m about to reenter

The wheels bash the tarmac

Racing towards




Monday morning

The long hard surrender


But when the sliding glass opens

My wife is waiting

Her eyes alive as sunsets

Wide as prairies 


I am home


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