This one is a ‘found poem’. It uses only words I found in this article online –

Much has been removed. Orders have been changed. Nothing has been added. 

The owners of the much-loved downtown music venue 

are hoping

In their search for a permanent home

to reopen

“No guarantees, but we are pretty optimistic,” he said

Application was rejected    

Plans to appeal and hopes to open the doors by spring

Shut doors at the end of the March

“We’ve been optimistic ever since the closing”

Building structurally unsound

“We’re going to open up this place that people love so much”

Application denied due to a lack of parking

Officials were concerned and decided

to demolish

to make way

for construction of the new

There were problems with parking

the landlord

zoning and variances

“Never name a ship the same name twice” 

The new name is also

an homage to past tenants

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