I want to write a poem  

using only language from the information age

ultramodern glossy black vocabulary tricked out with glowing blue LEDs

And stainless steel

but all of the words that I could choose

are deflated


and ugly


megabyte, gigabyte, terabyte 

data and nano processor

microfinance, binary and digital memory stick

video conference, convergence, Cellular connectivity


these are not words that sing to my tired eyes

and gather up tears into tattered pages

these are not words that tickle my sides and give me a heart brimming with luminescence

these are not fireflies on my tongue

no one would die for these words 

though he may trade life, breath by breath, to gain their fickle fifteen minute fawning


eternity is a word to wrap a heart inside

moss or mulch or marigolds 

delicious fresh lingonberries will work

with thick rich cream

Udders and  

oil on the beard

or poured upon arugula and vine ripe San Marzano tomatoes

the colour of  

a gown of silk set against a tailored white searsucker suit

a sucker

a soother

a soothsayer

A Rueben sandwhich with its war of flavours

and whirling marble rye

from heat and yeast and living culture

ritual and rising

rallying cries


through the silence

through the darkness

through the wires  


older words can sing


for they have hung around the speakeasy and learned the tune

they are humming

constant and unnoticed

until you come closer  


Like a weary river  


Like a power plant


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