I am between two walls, and the walls are closing in. Slowly, but surely, the space between shrinks. One wall is the forward momentum of the new year. Resolutions. Plans. Goals and Dreams. The other wall is frustration and stagnation. The inability to step forward into the great unknown ┬áinto a glorious and new Knowing. The walls close until there is no space for me, but rather than being crushed, I am ejected – up and out through the tiny crack. I pop like a cork. I am freed to find a way forward. I will grow.
I’ve escaped this claustrophobic nightmare of a space through baby steps and breaking-it-down. When faced with a huge and complicated project, like becoming a better writer, for instance, all of the moving parts can jam up on me. I feel the gears of my brain grind to a halt. That is when I reach for my most trusty tool. The one. Next. Step.

Rather than let myself off the hook this year, I’m diving into the Grow Your Art Challenge through The Bleeding Heart Art Space. I have set myself an achievable goal. I will record a 6 song EP. I will do this by allowing myself to take small steps. To bit and chew and swallow and wait between meals while I digest. To pace myself.

I am going to grow, and I invite you to join me.

Grow Your Art Challenge

Join the challenge at http://bleedingheartspace.ca/2014/01/take-the-grow-your-art-challenge/

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