Ep 9 - Danny Fournier Spreads the Word

In 2011, Danny Fournier founded the Edmonton Music Awards. In addition to that scene-boosting enterprise, he owns and operates Oddball Productions, a music marketing company boosting the careers of individual artists. Danny used to work for a major label and brings that experience to bear on his indie artist offerings. As you'll learn in this episode, he also put in time as a semi-pro wrestler. 

In this episode, we talk about the changes Danny has seen over his decades in the music industry and the ways an artist like me can get his work out to a broader audience in this internet age. Fire up your pen and paper. 

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Shout Outs



"Oddball Productions is a boutique label service provider based in Edmonton, Alberta that has worked with a wide variety of clients from independent artists to major label acts, both Canadian and International.

Oddball Productions offer a wide variety of label services including single and album release campaigns, online distribution & promotion, music consulting and development, video promotion and distribution, special event planning & promotion, social media marketing, web design, grant writing, publishing and more."



Kane Incognito

Here are some links to the artist and song shout-out from Danny in this episode.


Original video

Original recorded version 
We Lay a Brother Down (feat. Cody Brown) - Single (2017)

Piano version 
We Lay a Brother Down (Stripped) - Single (2018)