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When CS Lewis Predicted the Internet, it Was Hell

Where the internet draws us together, I am grateful. But is the web is benign–simply a tool without bias? I'm not convinced. What I see looks more like a spider's web, where you and I sit trapped in a cycle of interactions that are not healthy, but easy. 

The internet is looking a lot like CS Lewis 'Grey Town' – a singular vision of hell he lays out in his book The Great Divorce. 

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Why I Bet $200 on the New Apple TV

I'm well aware that Apple TV 4 costs up to a hundred dollars more than other streaming boxes. For me, it's worth the premium for one reason; the Apple TV App Store.

Apps mean potential. Apps are the key to unlocking a developer community we've already watched transform the cell phone. I'm betting Apps will begin to transform TV too, and I welcome that transformation.

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