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Song Story - "I Want To Be Known" Is A Song Born In The Cold And Dark

When you hear the horns on I Want To Be Known, you'd never know the darkness it came from. Horns often herald something glorious, but I wasn't writing from a place of triumph or fanfare. I wrote this song from defeat. 

The melody found me in the mountains just outside of Canmore, Alberta. 

My wife and I escaped the city for our anniversary weekend. The air was crisp but warm enough for a winter walk. Snow fell like stars and–best of all–our Air BnB had a hot tub. 

I needed this break. 

I'd just learned that yet another job I'd been hoping for fell through. I was overqualified, which, to me, reads "you're a great fit somewhere, just not here." 

I felt like a misfit. Out of place. Adrift.

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Brand new song from the railroad tracks

A couple of weekends back I found myself listening to the bits of beauty friends had gathered during their time at an art and faith retreat in Calgary. I was retreating, too, so when I heard poet Stephen T Berg mention the "exquisite sorrow" of a "tritone train whistle", I recognized a song trying to be born. 

I played that song in my weekly Facebook Live set today - you can hear it at the 13:06 mark in the video below. I hope you like it, and more importantly, get a taste of that "exquisite sorrow".

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Song Stories: Santa Fe

Santa Fe is a travelogue of longing.

For the past five years I have travelled to Santa Fe, New Mexico for an arts and faith retreat called The Glen Workshop. My life has been changed in so many ways by the event, the people who attend and the location. For the first time in the past six years, I won’t be going to Santa Fe this August. I find myself missing the landscape almost as much as the people. I did not expect this.

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Song Stories: Silent Night

This track has it's beginnings in my 'day job'. A few years ago I was working for Hope Mission, a homeless shelter and soup kitchen here in Edmonton. They serve hundreds of meals every day, but the holiday meals are the biggest. My job was communications. I did website updates, graphic design and writing for the fundraising department. I also made videos. 

I was making a video to give a 'taste' of Hope Mission's holiday meals to those weren't there – and a memory for those who were. I needed the perfect track and we didn't have a music budget. So I decided to take on the challenge and record the music myself. I had recently got my (then-new) Danelectro electric guitar and was in love with the reverb-soaked tones my (now-stolen) vintage Garnet amp was giving me. I was looking for a song that was free of copyright restrictions and was instantly recognizable, without the lyrics. Silent Night is just such a song.

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