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Song Stories: Silent Night

This track has it's beginnings in my 'day job'. A few years ago I was working for Hope Mission, a homeless shelter and soup kitchen here in Edmonton. They serve hundreds of meals every day, but the holiday meals are the biggest. My job was communications. I did website updates, graphic design and writing for the fundraising department. I also made videos. 

I was making a video to give a 'taste' of Hope Mission's holiday meals to those weren't there – and a memory for those who were. I needed the perfect track and we didn't have a music budget. So I decided to take on the challenge and record the music myself. I had recently got my (then-new) Danelectro electric guitar and was in love with the reverb-soaked tones my (now-stolen) vintage Garnet amp was giving me. I was looking for a song that was free of copyright restrictions and was instantly recognizable, without the lyrics. Silent Night is just such a song.

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