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Twenty Four

I've been home now for less than 24 hours. Half that, and most of it spent soaking up sleep. In this short time, the complicated beauty of belonging has unfurled itself like a blooming rose. Or a venus flytrap. 

Already, I have sensed the transference of a psychic weight that comes to any who dares proclaim themselves a parent. It came in sighs and knowing glances, and it came quickly. Which is fair. This is expected. This is heavy.

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Warm Up to the City of Seasons

In a world where seasons are being phased out in pursuit of the all-good-all-the-time, shopping malls control our climate. Seasonal foods are a relic of days before cheap transportation and preserva-tives. Remember when mandarin oranges were a rare treat we would get in our stockings? As presents?! Seasons keep things special. Gifts are wrapped for a reason. There is a time for everything. And when it is all over, it begins again. And this is good. We learn the right time for soup and for BBQ, and when we have only the one we learn to long for the other. And the longing is good.

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