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5 Ways to Wander Aim-fully

Over The Rhine's Linford Detweiler and Karin Bergquist put it this way in their songwriting workshop; "always carry a butterfly net".

"The universe is always trying to give you good things," Linford assured us. My job and your job is to be alert and ready to snatch that goodness from the air as it flutters by.

I was lucky enough to capture several butterflies – and a few whole songs – on my trip to New Mexico. Here are some of the things I did to get ready to meet the muse.

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What I Do When I Don't Want to Work

Creativity is the constant remix of component parts. We pay attention to our word, then we capture the good and rearrange it in our own image. We are beauty filters. All creation is collage, and collage needs a constant stream of raw materials. So we must inhale. 

This is more than consumption. This is harvest.

We all have our favourite fields to glean. I thought I’d share a few sources I have found inspiring in the past, and hope you can point me toward some new sources in the comments below. 

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Fighting for the Work

The kids are off to school. Lunches are made, and the dog has been walked. Check. Dishes are put away. Counters wiped. Check. Check.

It is almost time to sit down and do the work.

Later this morning, I have to make a trip to the dump. Our backyard is a mess of basement renovation debris. Carl, our dog, keeps getting his lead tangled in scrap wood and garbage bags stuffed with drywall scraps. Clean up is long overdue. For now, I wait for the truck and the help to arrive.

Right now it is time to do the work. Just about.

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