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Are You Making Connections?

Have you ever found yourself in a good situation by seemingly random chance? Then, when you look back at it, you realize a connection led you there?

The people I've met have determined the course of my entire life, and my music career is turning out to be no different.

This past Saturday night I got to sing for a SOLD OUT crowd at the Blue Chair Cafè. I was there – and the place was sold out – because of Rob Heath.

I've got a few more incredible examples that have led me to a radio hosting gig and some recording time in Vancouver at no cost to me.

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I'm Passing You A Note

This weekend a stranger passed me a note. I was between songs, on stage in front of an audience. I'll tell you what it said in a moment.

First, let's talk about that stage. It's small – not really a stage at all. It's a patch of wood-printed vinyl in the corner of The Carrot Community Arts Coffeehouse. This little coffeehouse lives in the heart of city's most complicated, conflicted and wildly beautiful neighbourhood – Alberta Avenue. The neighbourhood my family moved out of a year ago for complicated and conflicted reasons.

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