Cozy Up to The Sounds of Fall

“I found God so late last night / on a city bench waiting for the sun to rise”

These opening lines from Lucas Chaisson’s Most True Thing also open this year’s edition of my #YEG Falls playlist on Spotify.

This list of original music is made and released exclusively by artists from my hometown, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. If you need proof that we’ve got an incredible scene, put this in your earbuds and go for a long walk with coloured leaves crunching underfoot.

At just under two hours, YEGs musical sweethearts will walk you into the cool and calm of autumn.

Of course, fall is prime time for reflection and taking stock. Hence the playlist’s closing lines sung in the bluesy, broken voice of Joe Nolan;

“fiction or fact - you like the way your life is going /
hey, remember when we were just kids hanging out in the quarry?”