So many shows I wrote a song about 'em

This week I have so many shows I may be feeling a little lightheaded. That's likely the exact right state of mind to write a song you'll only ever sing once (because it is about said shows and it is VERY specific). 

Here's the song, as posted to Facebook earlier this week.

So - to recap - here are all those mentioned shows (starting TONIGHT). 

Thursday, June 21 - Make Music Edmonton

5:50 at The Tea Girl AND 8:20 at Plaza 124 (102 ave and 124 st) with Soft March

Friday June 22 - Erin Mulcair CD Release Party

The Almanac - 8 PM - $10

Saturday, June 23 - The Works Festival (with Soft March)

5 PM at Capital Plaza (Festival HQ on the Leg Grounds)

Phew - see you this weekend around town!